estate recovery

Medicaid Estate Recovery in the News

Until recently, Minnesota was one of the states that recovered not just long-term care services but all Medicaid services provided to persons 55 and older.  But no one really noticed.  Why?  Because until 2014, to be eligible for recoverable Medicaid services you had to meet strict asset eligibility rules.  For instance, for a person to qualify for long-term care services, you cannot have more than $3,000 in available assets.  For these folks, estate recovery didn’t seem so bad because there wasn’t much to recover at the end of that person’s life.  But in 2014, Minnesota participated in the Medicaid expansion under the ACA (“Obamacare”).  This expansion lifted the asset limitation for folks under 65, greatly expanding the number of people who qualified for insurance paid for through Medicaid.  Suddenly, many more people were enrolled in a program for which estate recovery rules applied.

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